domingo, 27 de fevereiro de 2011

An offering to Sri Krsna is not complete unless a sweet dish is prepared. Sri Krsna and all his associates enjoy sweets tremendously. A large variety of sweets are prepared by the devotees not only on special occasions like holy days but also to treat their guests. Most popular among the sweets are the different types of Ladus, halvahs and gulab-jamins. Sri Krsna is sometimes referred to as Ladu Krsna.
I have included only the most popular sweets because the variety of sweets offered to Lord and his associates are unlimited. In the scriptures there is mention of certain types of sweets like sweet rice, halvah, laddu, burfi, sandesh, ras malai etc. During the month of Kartik the residents of Brajbhoomi prepare sweet rice and after it has cooled place it on a shelf in the moonlight so during ras lila it can be enjoyed by Sri Sri Radii Krsna. Sweets play a very important role in the seva of the Lord. Prepare and offer with love and devotion and experience the bliss of Bhakti Ras.

Sweet Rice Carrot Halvah Besan Laddu ( gram flour ) Coconut Laddu Carrot Burfi Coconut Burfi
Plain Burfi Date Burfi Sandesh Ras Malai Gulab Jamin Jalebi Khir khand Malpura Thick Sandesh Cashew Burfi

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