terça-feira, 10 de maio de 2011

Instructions from Srila BV Narayan Maharaja

Why should devotees quarrel amongst themselves if they are really devotees? There should be some difference between devotees and ordinary people. I worry when I hear that devotees quarrel and don't get along. Aren’t you able to change this? In selflessnes...s, there is no quarreling…Ordinary people may quarrel about something due to their own self-interest. But you are devotees and have been initiated by a good devotee; so why are you all quarreling and not helping each other? This is a big problem everywhere. I don’t want to hear quarrel-related topics. Don’t give shame to real devotees. if you do not change, then ordinary people will think, “Devotees always quarrel with each other; they are all bogus.” [Murwillumbah, Australia: June 19, 2001]   It is very, very difficult to bring someone from the clutches of maya. Whatever lust and other attachments are present in that person’s heart will go away very soon if he is chanting and remembering and listening to hari-katha. Be very careful. First look at your own condition and try to purify yourself. is there any lust in you? is there any deceit and hypocrisy in you? Be worried about that; do not worry about others. Guru and Krsna are responsible for others. You cannot do anything to help them, so you have no right to criticize. This instruction is for all. [Hilo, Hawaii: February 7, 2005]   All devotees must follow this principle, especially sannyasis; giving honor to others. Don’t worry about what others are doing. Don’t look to see whether others are doing nonsense or acting improperly. Don’t criticize anyone. Rather, ask yourself, “How well am I developing in Krsna consciousness? Am I following trinadapi sunicena, taror api suhisnuna, amäninä mänadena?”…Don’t worry about the temporary material contamination in a sincere devotee. if you do, your own life will be spoiled. Try to be surrendered, always one-pointed, and help others as well. Don’t criticize someone who is beginning to develop one-pointed bhakti but still has some impurity in his being. Don’t quarrel with him. [Murwillumbah, Australia: April, 2005]   You can correct a person only if you can change him. For example, Nalaküvara and Manigriva were doing wrong, so Närada came to them and cursed them out of pity. He did not pay specific attention to what they were doing. He considered only this: “Oh, their lives have gone in vain. How shall I reform them?” He had the power to do what was necessary, and that is why he pointed out their fault. Thus, his curse turned out to be a benediction. [Malaysia: January 27, 20094]   If you see that a person is wretched, then don’t associate with him.   Offer my dandavat pranama from a distance, meaning, don’t think about   him  at all. Otherwise, you can say, "Oh, dandavat pranama. Now   I should go.” But do not criticize. Guru can criticize and chastise, but   we are not masters to chastise.   Don’t waste your time criticizing or trying to control everything around you. Gurudeva can control. He is a controller. Sri Krsna, Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu, and Sri Nityananda Prabhu are controllers. It is best to think in this way: “I am not the controller. Rather, I should be controlled by Them. I should try to control myself.” This is the way to develop our Krsna consciousness. [Badger, 1997]

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